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so dying clubhouse and its big tech clones are basically roger wilco with a webinterface huh

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Wo haben die grauen Herren eigentlich die Zeitblumen versteckt?

maybe we're lucky and some of the superrich are actually good* people

*what even is good though

get out 

ob man wohl anders leben würde wenn wissenschaftlich bewiesen wäre, und einem bewusst wird, dass alle unterbewusstseine miteinander verknüpfbar sind

In the process of de-googling I had to change like 9000 accounts. Here's hoping I'll never lose the ability to pay for my domains, i guess

Is it still proprietary if the human mind can't comprehend it?

Vielleicht haben wir ja Glück und die Erben BigTech's haben eine Vision über Profit hinaus

So gefühlt würde ich sagen, dass Politiker mit Mandat vollständig transparent sein müssten

tfw ERROR! Unknown error when attempting to call Galaxy

*public blockchains

though, private blockchains are just energy inefficient databases anyway

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so, just one scientific breakthrough and all blockchains are fucked, right?

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March has been crazy for Plausible growth! 🤯

Happy to report that nothing has changed in our approach. Still focused on building a product that solves a problem people have. Still no paid ads, no growth hacks and no tricks.

fair money: tying the ability to trade goods and services for money to key figures in the area of global resource consumption and pollution. every person / company gets a monthly key figures contingent and can't trade any longer if the contingent is reached. for that to work cash would need to get abolished, only electronic cash that automatically tracks the contingent is allowed and every product and service sold would need to have key figures attached

Ob ein Wesen das alle menschlichen Erfahrungen in sich vereint wohl gechilled wäre :blobcatthink:

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