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intention, collaboration vs competition 

are modern people and tribes (aka countries/cliques) so protective about their shit because they can't be sure what weird intentions other people and tribes have?

or is it really just the god complex?

why are we like that 😞

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Me: I've been using Arch #Linux as my daily driver and I love it so much, it's such a beautifully accomplished distro with amazing package management and a dizzying array of software choices especially with the AUR. The rolling release might not be to everyone's tastes but I find it amazing-
Arch: So are you going to start recommending me to new users anytime soon?
Me: Are you fucken kiddin me :blob_disapproval:

Die or run out of money*

Workaround being using only BigTech accounts, so they "protect" my identity 😞

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So if I die someone can take over my web identity simply by registering my domain name and getting my 2FA phone number assigned. Using the Domain Name System for identity purposes is such a _great_ concept

It seems like a lot of people are affected by this margin-browser-bug (odd margins on webpages for symbols and so on) on Linux. I really wonder where the root cause for that is since it makes my mermaid graphs look not so nice 😞

(sorry for re-draft spam. can i have an edit function please? :blobblush: )

World3 Population in Grafana and Postgres as Datasource, powered by Rust backend

Not accurate since I've approximated life expectancy and total fertility with a converter table

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10-storey residential building was made from stackable prefabricated units in just over a day.

Make everyone work 20% of their time in jobs they deem "dirty", so they have a personal interest in making such jobs less "dirty"

started experimenting with using the extra vivobarefoot sole when i know that i will walk on a lot of asphalt and removing it when being in asphalt-less environments and like it so far

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The minimalist shoes that the people on the "Voyagers" (sci-fi movie, obviously) Spacecraft wear look slick

While BigTech as a concept is exploitative, you can hardly blame solely the people working on BigTech. It's Tech-Science after all and if they wouldn't do it, someone else would. So the only way to really solve it is by regulating Tech-Science

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Interesting "Archive" trivia:

Archive began when Gavin Rothery lost everything. Literally.

In October 2011, Rothery was the visual effects director for a London advertising agency when his two home computers simultaneously crashed. His life's work up until that point, including the work he did for the 2009 sci-fi Moon with Duncan Jones, was lost due to hard drive failure.

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