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Is communism considered political fiction at this point? Asking for a friend

Mein heutiger Dreisatz: Bleibt es bei der aktuellen Rate von Impfungen pro Tag knacken wir in ~2 Monaten die 80%

Just for the record: Moderna #2 done 💉

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Wow! I found this talk very clarifying. I have seen some (not many) of the gripes arising from the situation Timothy describes bubble up into our broader FOSS community, and I think I now understand that better.

Now I'm left wondering how the complexity of a new OS actually designed for modern hardware would compare to Linux? There'd be no answer yet.

It's Time for Operating Systems to Rediscover Hardware - Timothy Roscoe @ USENIX ATC '21/OSDI '21:

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Rekka and I don't have smartphones, we use small waterproof radios to synchronize when one of us is running errands in town.

I can't recommend these enough for resilient decentralized communication.

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capitalism/socialism, self doubt 

I've often felt lately like nothing I 'learned' in the first 20 years of my life at all prepared me for what this thing of existing as a human being and going about "life" really was.
I always both want to apologise to everyone for not knowing it, and question how I even survived to adulthood or if I 'should' have

but, to really stop and imagine a school that would have completely prepared me for this kind of world is absolutely wild.

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Currently rewatching Star Trek Voyager and had a good laugh yesterday while watching S03E08, also Tuvok looks slick in that 90s outfit :D

Die docker container auf meinem Server haben Nachwuchs bekommen

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Turns out, the dark theme exists for a long while already, it was just a bug that it enabled itself :D

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Latest Nextcloud update surprised me with a dark mode. So there is a god after all

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Are We All Getting More Depressed?: A New Study Analyzing 14 Million Books, Written Over 160 Years, Finds the Language of Depression Steadily Rising

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How do computer monitors work anyway for dummies:

First they printed results from computations on paper. Then they had terminals with optical representations that could interpret the same signals as printers. So we're basically seeing quickly printed pages on our computer monitors. Hmmm.

Immer wieder Sonntags, die Sendung mit dem Jo. Heute: Ein CPU Flowchart

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Absolute pleasure to have in the guest seat for the latest Matrix Live! Watch to learn more about gematik's plans for their TI-Messenger project, and how they plan to improve healthcare communications in Germany!

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"Nach heftiger Kritik von Datenschützern und Protest von Bildungsverbänden will das Kultusministerium auf den Einsatz des Softwarepakets Microsoft Office 365 bei der digitalen Plattform für alle Schulen im Land verzichten."

Na also. Geht doch! ✊

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